Friday, April 25, 2008

A Gchat Conversation On Fergie's Single For The New Sex & The City Movie, Based On The Assumption If You Hear It Twice In A Row, You Die.

"I be lookin' for labels, I ain't lookin' for love."-Fergie

"All human actions lead to labels; one must not look for love."-Aristotle

Gabrielle: hahaha
look out crunch
theres a new gym with a retard premise in town!
me: that only plays the Fergie Sex & The City mix and thus kills anyone who practices yoga through two hearings!
Gabrielle: now this is an innovative premise for a horror movie
we are on fire this am!
but seriously
you need to hear that song
if your computer has audio
i suggest you check it out over lunch
its a technicolor nightmare
me: I suggest I check it out right now
Gabrielle: ha ha
me: if I die I want my epitaph to read: Tried To Stop Listening...But Couldn't
Gabrielle: that is a promise i make to you
me: Also: Was A Great Lay (unrelated)
Gabrielle: haha ok
me: or maybe related
okay, here I GO
Gabrielle: im just going to print this whole gchat exchange on your tombstone

this cannot be real!
"I be lookin for labels I ain't lookin for love!"
"SupercalifragiSexy nothing to complain!"
Gabrielle: "buy a purse and get over it"
i wish it were a hoax
the same way i wanted thast yale girl to be a hoax
me: how am I not going to listen to this twice Moss? YOU SENT ME ON A SUICIDE MISSION!
Gabrielle: i thought you had more self control than this!!!!
me: "I'm gonna shop the labels, while these ladies look for love"
Poor Josh Douche-something
what is he supposed to think about this!
Gabrielle: douche-ham-el, i believe his last name is
im sure its not telling him anything he didnt already know
like that fergie is a dude
etc etc
me: right, cuz the second verse was
That's what I was going to say!
"shopping for labels, to cover my dick"
Gabrielle: hahahaha
i liked when she rhymes "tuckin' my nutsack"
Gabrielle: with "prada sample sale in the back"
me: I like when she rhymes "Manolo shoes" with "Suck me Dude"
Gabrielle: yeah, im pretty sure this song will get a grammy
if not a pulitzer
shes pretty much the doris lessing of our times
me: I'm going to give it a Pulz-Her if you know what I mean
totes true, same incontinence problems
Gabrielle: i wish this movie was out today
me: Jesus Christ, me too. Sigh. Me too.

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