Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So Basically "Lost In Translation" Starring Aubrey Plaza

"As for Murray, he and Plaza shared a “deep connection,” and even tore down the divider between their adjoining trailers. “Whenever I went to my trailer, he would be sitting there making a gin and tonic and looking at me. I was, like, ‘Honey, I’m home.’” Her boyfriend, screenwriter Jeff Baena, was aware and approved of the ­relationship. “We didn’t consummate it or anything,” she says, “at least not physically.”

Don't Roll Your Eyes At Aubrey Plaza, NY Mag

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Almost Sensical Revenge Outros I Made Up.

1.)"Guilt. Like the waves breaking against the rocks, guilt will beat you, over and over again, until you succumb and slink down into the blackness at the bottom. But what happens when there's a giant shark down there?"

 2.)"Betrayal. They say betrayal is the last emotion the sun feels as the encroaching night pushes it off the edge of the horizon. But those who are betrayed don't stay out of the picture for long. Soon, very soon, they are ready to burn anew. And the heat they give off? Well, it can be chilling. It's parka season in the Hamptons."

3.) "Longing. It's in the way the fish swim to the hook, even though a dark fate awaits them there. Or the way a boat tries to take itself further and further out to sea. A wise man once said that longing is the opposite of having. So what is longing for the people who have everything?"