Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning Essentially IS Little Miss Sunshine

I think maybe it’s a problem that I can’t forgive any family drama for not being as good as 2nd season Six Ft Under.

But still. The main problem with Sunshine Cleaning is that you’ve already seen it. There’s a wide-eyed, ostracized kid who’s wise beyond his years. Alan Arkin as the immature, oddball Grandpa who pals around with said kid. There’s the holy triumvirate of fam drama: money problems, relationship problems, grieving problems. And an unreliable, but beloved used van. Like, couldn't they have at least picked a different car model?

What’s weirder is that Sunshine Cleaning even recycles the “sunshine” metaphor. In both Little Miss Sunshine and Sunshine Cleaning, the “Sunshine” entity, be it beauty pageant or cleaning service, enters the movie first as an ironic marker of the family’s dysfunction, but later ends up being the source of their redemption.

I think if I were tech savvy enough, this all would have been best expressed via charticle.

My other gripes include: The movie ends with a self-discovering road trip, which has lost all non-spoof purpose since Britney Spears did it in Crossroads.

My likes: Amy Adams, if her smile does not fill you with warmth inside than you are a nanobot. Emily Blunt, a beautiful, beautiful duck.

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Molly Lambert said...

I'm just glad this movie is doing well because that means more $ for girl buddy comedies like our upcoming hit "I Love You, Woman"