Monday, July 27, 2009

On Media

So maybe I'm slightly floundering. When I told my Dad about my excellent HDL level(93 BETCHES!) his first response was, "Well if you're gonna live so long you should probably get a real career or a rich husband." I mean, c'mon Dad! I'm working on some shit and stuff, but there's a distracting mouse in the apartment, and I accidentally watched too much Sarah Connor Chronicles today. Also I have this idea for a tee shirt. It's going to read "I Have Socialist Leanings....toward Blow Jobs." Which is kinda funny, and even more funny to a certain crowd of folks who like what the Internet apparel industry calls "Attitude" tee shirts and hate the political concept of Socialism. Once I get rich from this, I'm going to ban the word floundering from my vocabulary and the vocabulary of those I surround myself with. But I will still eat cooked food and retain the same friends, save for a few, namely the ones who use the word floundering. I mean, god damn this industry, right guys? And god bless attitude tee shirts and the chokehold of hope they have on my heart.


Molly Lambert said...

attitude shirts thrive in any economy

Anonymous said...

Fuckable Terminator & The Dipshit was shockingly good, wasn't it? Not sure how far along you are, but episode 9 of season 2 was just goddam brilliant. John Connor was no longer looking quite so messianic and it looked like they might just learn to live with the skinjobs.

Ah well. Here's hoping Dollhouse gets better.

Lauren Bans said...

SHOCKINGLY GOOD. I've finished Season Two and am now at the part where I start signing the futile nerd lobbyist sheets begging FOX to pick it up again. I'm hoping that menacing NYT's story about the robots of the future will convince someone at network TV that this show is vital to the continuation of the human race.