Monday, November 16, 2009

Weight Loss

Today I start my Whatever You Like (T.I. inspired) diet.
A pair of edible underwear for dinner,
another pair for lunch,
Patron for a 4pm snack,
and late night sex, so wet and tight, for dinner.

Unlike other diets which can seem embarrassingly middle-aged and Midwestern, the Whatever You Like diet doubles as great party conversation, and most people will think good things about you because they connote edible underwear with fruit roll-ups and fun-loving Delia's models.


Odoacer said...

Is The Wire worth watching? People keep hyping it as the best televison show ever. In the past I've fallen for overhyped things that either turn out to be crappy, e.g. Star Wars: Episode 1 or just all right and not worth the hype at all, e.g. Lost.

So is it worth spending 60 hours to see the whole series?

rapid weight loss diet said...

My problem has always been eating. I was big time tomboy and athlete in my day, so working out has never been a chore. In fact, I love a good sweat. I’m wit you, J. I’ve lost 20lbs so far, and you’re right, every healthy or unhealthy morsel counts. It’s a mind thing. Whenever I’ve decided to go on a harmless reward-myself binge for a day or two – and I have – I’ve usually awaken about a week later, five+ pounds heavier and pissed cause now I’ve got to put in extra work and time dealing with weight I’ve added. I’ve too told my friends and family that I won’t be pigging out anymore and you should have seen the look of disbelief I got. LoL! A sista used to be bad at the table! But I’m on a mission now and have finally learned that if I really want to lose 80lbs, then I’ve got to stop the grease and sugar. I work out 4-5 days a week, but I’m stepping it up to everyday now. You’ve encouraged me.

Mary said...

Like rapid weight loss diet, I am also wit you, J.

Anonymous said...

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