Friday, February 12, 2010

Adorable Letters from People Born At The Turn Of The Century Who Still Don't Quite Know What The Internet Is.

There was such a thing as an era before irony, or at least widespread, cultural mainstay irony. Nothing exemplifies this better than my Grandma's consistently hilarious use of quotation marks in her Hallmark cards. The latest, for Valentine's Day (includes a $20 bill):

Dearest Lauren,
Have a "fun" day! I miss your calls. Hope all is going well for you in New York! Share your "treat" with Joe!!


Dear Gaga,

Thank you so much for the "treat!" Joe and I shared it and while at first it was a little "uncomfortable" I definitely, DEFINITELY got used to it! We used the $20 to buy smokes and "cognac" for after!

Love you,


WendyB said...

I used to walk by a place that offered: Fresh-Brewed "Coffee"

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

Molly Lambert said...

wow your grandmother is lady gaga?