Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today's Emails With Dadsies (Part of Meet The Fam Week)

PR: yo dadsies, what do you want for Hannuksies this year? How about a customized mug? I'll make it really funny and personal to you.

Dadsies: just for you to be happy my little pumkin! love dad

PR: That's nice! Did I tell you I was unhappy? I'm super happy. Also did I give you authorization to use the term "pumpkin"?

Dadsies: can i call you pumpkin as my hannuka present? love dad

PR: I'll think about it.


PR: Update, I looked up the derivation of Pumpkin as an affectionate term, and it was launched into popular use by a 1980s British television program in which the person called "Pumpkin" was a bumbling idiot.

Not authorized!

Dadsies: your going to make me cry at work if i can't call you pumkin. love dad

PR: Not giving in on the P-word. you are getting a customized mug with a real estate attorney-themed LOLcatz. you're going to have to google "lolcats" today so you appreciate this gift.


Dadsies: I don't like those cats do somethin with dogs love dad

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