Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scattered Notes From Election Night

-- 11pm Elizabeth Moss partying on the street outside of Southpaw in Brooklyn. Why is she in Brooklyn? Could she be a method actor? Does this mean she is currently knocked up by a slimeball? Start the rumors.

-- 12am Hugging at 4th Ave Pub. Drinking. People dancing to Feist, the whitest music ever invented.

-- 1 am, Drunk people making out, exclaiming drunkenly "This is history, man! This is history!" in between making out.

-- 2 am, "Yes We Can" chant on the corner of 5th and St. Marks in Brooklyn. Cars honking. Tears. Lots of Tears. Looking for Peggy Olson. Wondering Who Would Don Draper Vote For? More Tears. More Hugs.

-- 2:45 am, Home, awed, turn on Roomba to clean up apartment mess. Watch Roomba clean, watch CNN, thank country for 1.) inventing a self-operating vacuum cleaner, 2.) making intelligent choices.

TXT messages received from Election Day:

10am--- Dude, I'm behind like 150 people! There was no line last time. Go America!

12pm-- Whew, that felt great.

8pm-- You delivered Penn!!!!!

9pm-- FUCK OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

9:33pm-- Obama just on the presidency!

10:52pm-- Congrats to you (and me and everyone)dear

10:56pm-- I'm now gassy in a good way.

11:10pm--i gots chills all over


1:05am-- Call Gaga! She's still up!

1:12am-- Grant Park is insane!

1:16am--I've been openly weeping for hours this is wonderful. And surreal. xoxo.

2:12am-- Did you pee yourself yet? YOU PROMISED.

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Odoacer said...

Yah! Now Sarah Palin can finally disappear for a decade, until she resurfaces in trivia question form.

Q: Who was the first woman to run as a vice-presidential candidate for the Republican Party?

A: Sarah Palin. Little know fact about Sarah, after her failed 2008 run she started a mildly successful cosmetics line called Pit Bull Fierce. Next question! This 2006 Zach Braff movie featured…