Friday, February 6, 2009

Usher's "Trading Places"; Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy"

What's up with Usher wanting to be a chick and Beyonce wanting to be a dood, and then both of them having moronic conceptions about what it means to be the opposite sex? Someone please get them together so they can have a retarded androgynous baby who will save the world from the perils of gender.

But, uh, I still think the Usher song/video is absolutely awesome and hilarious.

1.) He imitates a female orgasm at the end.
2.) Folgers coffee gets brand recognition.
3.)"You order Chinese food right before you do me."


Molly Lambert said...

my theory is that Usher is supremely fucked up sexually as a result of having lost his v at such a young age (forced into it by Puffy!) and so many groupies and whatnot. everyone knows he's a mama's boy and his wife is older/creepily motherly to him. who knows what goes on in there.

Perfect Ratio said...

I didn't know. I feel so insensitive!

I wish then Trading Places had a maternal/infantilizing theme to it, like: "You come out my vag, I suck ur nipple. We're trading places. HOOOWOOOOOOO HWOOOOOOO"

Molly Lambert said...

omg did you hear his wife had complications from plastic surgery today? now I feel shitty for dishing on him. also plastic surgery tragedies are the worst.

Odoacer said...

Well, that way he can model both sides of his lingerie line. Anyway, they're both going to need to get their hands on the skull from Vice Versa. I can't imagine Judge Reinhold, or whoever is in his body, giving it up though.

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