Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've heard there's such a thing as practical intelligence, known in some elderly circles as "street smarts." I've had many encounters with the concept of said intelligence--most notably when my father turned a shade of beet red and explained to me that one must open the garage door before one backs out of the garage-- but I'm pretty positive I've never actually experienced or possessed a rational logic of the world that makes life run more smoothly. Case in point, today, when I decided to wash my jeans, then hang them out on our balcony to dry. The obvious, yet unbeknownst to me result? Frozen jeans.

I was however impressed by the artistic potential of the Tim Burton-esque pants. So I took some photos. Pantslessness is a small price to pay for art.


Joe said...

That's totally brilliant, and I love the way it emphasizes the transience of existence -- I think we've all had an experience where our art melts and becomes laundry.

monkey said...

Odd, most pretentious artists seem to be frozen in the pants before they take them off.

You have freed yourself of the shackles of convention. And pants.

Perfect Ratio said...

Could freezing pants be to the 21st century feminist movement what burning bras was to the 1960's?

For my fair sex, I will freeze pants daily and only wear short skirts from hence forth.