Thursday, May 31, 2007

Procrastinating Earth

You know how on those days when it's really hot and the sun is beaming in from the window adjacent to your desk, you get antsy and you're unable to focus, so you start reorganizing your papers, sometimes two or three times, setting up arbitrary piles of three or four documents that would be easy to find piled or not, then you glance at your galleys and decide to re-highlight things you've already highlighted, and cross out easy proper names like "New York" avoiding actual work as much as you can, but still creating the sometimes convincing illusion that you're doing something?

Well, that's pretty much what Bush did today when he announced his "conference" on global warming-- some gentle sit down discussions with other nations about meeting a common emission goal, a substanceless act that features no actual goals, unlike the Kyoto treaty Bush so promptly passed up during his first term, and really only serves to make it seem like the man cares about the global crisis, a cause towards which he's appointed many industry lobbyists to so eagerly deny.......

Scientific announcement that will probably be refuted immediately by the Bush administration: The world is still rotating every 24 hours. And it's really freakin hot out.

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