Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Estelle Getty Was....

1. A Funny Jewess
Born Estelle Scher in New York on July 25, 1923, Getty began her career in Yiddish theater. Her most important stage role was as Mrs. Beckoff, Harvey Fierstein's mother, in both the off-Broadway and Broadway productions of Torch Song Trilogy, a role that brought her a Drama Desk Award nomination.

2. My Only Hope For the Matriarchy

"I've played mothers to heroes and mothers to zeroes.I've played Irish mothers, Jewish mothers, Italian mothers, Southern mothers, mothers in plays by Neil Simon and Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams. I've played mother to everyone but Attila the Hun."-Estelle

Three Tall Women.....but one shorty ruled them all.

3. A Senior With Sex Appeal

What did Estelle look like when she was young? We'll never know. But this exercise video is sexy. And it never fails to remind me I need to call my Grandma and thank her for her weekly Hallmark puppy/duck/kitten card with the $10 dollar bill inside.

4. Commonly Understood To Be A Feisty Woman

Estelle Getty, known best as Sophia Petrillo, the feisty and fabulous mama on "The Golden Girls," died this morning in her Hollywood home.

Estelle Getty, who starred as the sarcastic octogenarian Sophia in The Golden Girls, died yesterday at the age of 84.

The actress became a gay favorite as the acid-tongued Sophia on "The Golden Girls".

The New York-born actress was revered for her wisecracking, perennially caustic stint as Sophia Petrillo on the beloved 1985-1992 series about four female retirees enjoying their golden years.

5. The Start of the Apocalypse?

PR: I was reading about Getty on the Star Tribune site and there was a quiz advertisement "IS TILA TEQUILA CLASS OR TRASH?" I usually don't give in to flashy click pleaders, but I clicked "Class" just to give the poll some variance (thinking, of course, EVERYONE, would click "Trash") and then I was led to the results page and most people had voted "Class!" THEN, oddly, my browser was redirected to, all the while I was drinking some tea brought in by my ex that tasted like apple juice, and IF THIS IS NOT A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. Come back Estelle.

Squidz: That was written in the scriptures as the fifth sign: and it shall pass that Estelle's death shall deem Tequila classy, the rivers will part, Jcrew will appear, and SO ON AND SO FORTH. Run to the hills, little Bansies, run, run.

The Future

I am placing my hope in young Amanda Bynes. I don't know why, but she seems like the most reasonable heir to the matriarchal throne.

A Personal Wish

For the masses, Estelle only lived from age 50--84. I will be so mad if when I die the papers don't run my youngest and most attractive photo.

Menopause Time.

Arthritis Time.

Retreat to Childlike Adorableness Time.

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