Friday, June 13, 2008

"My wierd your fate" (love dad II)

PR: HAPPY (soon to be) FATHER'S DAY!


I remember when you were just a baby and you peed on me five minutes after you were born. I'm going to get this framed for your office!

Dad: nice looking guy your with. thanks for the picture. i think i still have a rash from the liquid you deposited on me when you were borne. love dad

PR: EWWWWWWWWW What is with you and rash jokes these days? Also that is not how you spell "born" unless you're referring to the Bourne Identity. Can this spelling lesson be your present?

Dad: borne is the german spelling. love dad

PR: No it's not! False teacher!

Dad: actually for fathers day will you learn how to speak Bark so you can tell us why annie keeps having diherrea. love dad

PR: Dude, you are SO WEIRD. love daughter

Dad: hee hee. my wierd your fate. love dad

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