Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Help A Squidz

Regularly scheduled blogging is being interrupted to bring you the following servicing announcement. By servicing announcement I mean a statement intended to entice you into servicing me.

Squidz helping squidz, tentacle in tentacle, giving each other the creepy eye.


Have you ever dated for a warm bed?

I'm looking for some help on a story I'm working on about the intersection between New York apartment dwelling and dating. Of course people find lots of retarded reasons to stay with someone they shouldn't or date someone they know isn't right, but the difficulty of finding an affordable New York apartment and the pain of moving out of it once you've landed one with your significant other seems like a major reason to stay in a dying relationship. I'll admit, I've moved in with a boyfriend out of necessity when my heart wasn't fully in it, and yes, I felt horribly guilty, but my guilt wasn't any match for the alternative dread of finding a sublet somewhere last minute. I want to know if this happens frequently in New York-- couples overextending the last dying breaths of their relationship because they live together and it's just too damn hard and expensive to get a broker, pay exorbitant fees, and break free from cohabitation. I'm interested in the flip situation too: couples moving in together before their relationship was ready for it, just to save money. Or more generally: What are the ways moving in with a boyfriend/girlfriend in New York effects relationships, and why do people decide to live together or cease living together?

So.....I'm looking for good or bad women or men who have been in this kind of predicament before, on either side of the equation, and who are willing to go on the record talking about it. (Of course names can be changed). If you know of anyone please send them my way at All respondents get a Werther's caramel hard candy, just like Grandpa used to dole out. Yes, a decidedly small buttery bribe, but if you suck with light pressure they last, like, 25 minutes.

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Molly said...

mmmmm squidz

floridagirlinsydney said...

Well since you offered a Werther's Original---
Haven't lived in NY. Well, haven't lived in New York, YET. But I get around... so at some point, who knows?

I think it's a great question though--