Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain's Moniker Invokes Sucky Olden Days

Lauren, the Fact-Checker, would like to point out that McCain's incessant use of the Joe the Plumber title is a riff on the titles of medieval times, when people were addressed by their occupation:

One class of surnames reflect the occupation or status of the first bearer. These occupational last names, derived from the specialty crafts and trades of the medieval period, are fairly self-explanatory. A MILLER was essential for grinding flour from grain, a WAINWRIGHT was a wagon builder, and BISHOP was in the employ of a Bishop. Different surnames often developed from the same occupation based on the language of the country of origin (M√úLLER, for example, is German for Miller).

Joe the Medieval Plumber/Movie Star.

Not only is McCain so fucking old that he inadvertently harkens a society that thrived on slavey plebes, but he also seems to derive a strange sense of nostalgic pride when addressing people as their occupation, perhaps hinting that his view of the economic landscape is simplisticly old fashioned.

For nowadays Joe the Plumber equals Joe the CEO and that is not equal to Bob the Plumber-With-An-Actual-License-And-Mortgage. And none of them really exist in that one-dimensional form.

God, the triumph of nuance is going to feel so good on Wednesday.

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