Monday, March 5, 2007

An email regurgitation, because I'm too tired to write

Are you back? How was Vegas? Was your sister able to fly with her poop?

miss you,

omg, I'm so back. I just got in off the red-eye at 7am. I am a zombie! I want to eat your pretty brain!

Vegas was so hilarious! And I never want to go there again! It was kind of tragic, we stayed in the Venetian and all the Gondaleers paddling people through the canal in the fake Venice mall had degrees from Juilliard School of Music or Yale School of Drama. I wanted to cradle them and tell them to try New York just one last time.

Supposedly there's a class at NYU that posits that Vegas is the "realest" place in the world because it's so hyper-aware of it's own falsity (I'm totally making the jacking off motion as I type that, barf.) BUT it is kind of true...I mean The Mirage is a Mirage! I just don't think I like reality that much.

Good news is I'm up 20 bucks! I can retire for one hour's worth of work.

My sister's poop was so real.

How was your poop? How was your weekend? Gaga loves you more than you will ever know, but I heart you more.


Also sorry about the exclamation marks, I get too excited on no sleep.

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