Monday, March 12, 2007

I heart NYC

I'm prone to random bursts of affection from time to time, usually reserved for small puppies and pastry items, sometimes for people, but not often for locales. But this weekend I could not get enough of New York. A simple list of reasons (sadly, most of which are food related) why:

1.) Baby Dayliner @ the Mercury Lounge Friday night. So good. So earnest. So dance-y. So fun. I'm forever indebted to Jon for introducing me to such a gem. Also B.D.'s music video features Adrien Grenier. Mmmm.

2.) Lombardi's pizza.

3.) Park Slope brunches on sunny, happy days.

4.) Ice cream picture cakes and the fine bakeries that will do X-rated ice cream picture cakes.

5.) This interaction this morning:
Guy makes a writing motion to me.
Take off headphones, "Do you need a pen?"
"Can I get your number?"
"No, sorry. I'm dating someone."
"You're pretty."
"I'm Eddie."
"Can I get your number?"
"um No."
"Fuck you bitch."

6.) Magnolia cupcakes. For dinner.

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