Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm totally going to Peru this summer.

I've been growing more and more excited about it, evidence of which appeared in my dream last night. In my dream, my friend Liz (who is rollin' to Peru with me in reality), my ex Joe, and my friend Joe, were all hanging out among some ancient ruins. Liz starts speaking in Arabic telling me to pick friend Joe's nose. I start speaking in Spanish telling her to stop speaking in Arabic. In real life, Liz does not know how to say "pick his nose" in Arabic, and I don't speak more than ten words of Spanish. I woke up remembering that in my dream "Hajibi" meant "booger" in Arabic, so I've been on a wild Google quest to discover if in fact my subconscious brain speaks fluent Arabic. I've concluded that no, it probably doesn't, based on these Google results:

"Hajibi can't play soccer"
"Dangerous Hajibi Girls"
"Syrian sponsored militia known as the Hajibi."

Anyways, in the dream I think I ended up picking the hajibi out of Joe's nose and it was all a pretty low-key affair. Though I have to think there's some deeper meaning in this one, so I'm offering a Tasti Delite to whomever can interpret my dream to my satisfaction, or provide me with the contact information for a Syrian militia called "Booger."


Elizabeth said...

wait, we're going to peru?

Perfect Ratio said...

Wanna? In June?

I was referring to a different Liz (you don't take Arabic silly), but you should totes come! Your French skills will be,um, useful.