Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gaby Said A Great Thing, But It Wasn't In Video Form So She Couldn't Blog It

Gaby is my friend and living partner, in the non-sexual way. We spend a good portion of our respective workdays parlaying witticisms back and forth via email, as well as news items we feel would be relevant to each other's lives, like "OMG did you read about the HPV under men's fingernails? I puked in my pants!" and such.

Sometimes Gaby emails me something so alluring and hilarious that I can think of nothing else but its blog-worthiness. "Blog it!" I reply to these items, before remembering that unlike the messy one night stand that is The Perfect Ratio, Gaby's blog has a unified theme. And that theme is video.

Like today's genius term "Dane Cookster."

It all started with:

Gaby: Oh no, do you have IBS because you don't yell at me enough???:

Me: oh gawd, this article is giving me IBS. Like really. Does this mean you're more likely to get heart disease because I come home with work-related stress?!

Gaby: It means you'll just really, really enjoy all those relaxing colonics at Canyon Ranch!

I just ran into some boy I went to high school with. He's a Dane Cook-ster, a new word I have invented for dudes who straddle a line between jerk hipster and fratboy Dane Cook-type.

Me: um, Dane Cook-ster is so so brill. I'm totally impressed. I wish it were a video so you could blog it. Maybe I'll do a "Gaby Said a Great Thing, But it Wasn't in Video Form So She Couldn't Blog It" column on my blog.

Gaby: I like it. The column image could be me doing a Borat-style thumbs-up gesture!

Hence I present this new column, titled "Gaby Said A Great Thing, But It Wasn't In Video Form So She Couldn't Blog It."

It may also alternately be referred to as "Column In Which PR Has Sad Realization That Whenever Anything Funny Happens She Has Irrepressible Urge To Blog It" or "Column In Which PR Inadvertently Admits She Has IBS (Mild! And It's Her Mother's Fault!)"

Everything is Mom's fault, btw.

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