Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Short Sunday Night Conversation with Father

Me: Hey Dad

Dad: (whispering) Hi little Lauren!

Me: What's going on there?

Dad: I'm trapped in the closet.

Me: Um, okay, can I talk to Mom?

Dad: No! I can't come out-I'm nude!


Dad: I'm in Mom's closet, nude, and she brought friends into the bedroom.

Me:That is really weird. Are you trying to tell me something metaphorically?

Dad: What?

Me: I got to go. Call me when you get out of the closet.

Dad: No, wait! Will you do a differential equation with me? I have a notepad.


Dad: Please, just one equation? I've been doing math problems to keep myself occupied.


liz said...

This may be the best thing you have ever blogged.

Perfect Ratio said...

You should stop by the house and do some math with him. Seriously, he would love you forever.