Monday, September 17, 2007

Beastdawg: Gross-- did you read the Times style piece on lucid dreaming... more like WET dreaming. This is how it opens:

THE kiss you share with the exquisite stranger is electric, deep and seemingly endless — that is until you open an eye and see drool on your pillow. If only you could have slept long enough to consummate the seduction. Then again, you had no idea you were dreaming. Besides, you cannot control the nightly ride on the wings of your subconscious. Or can you?

Though I took a class on sleep (yeah, shut it) in college and we had to train ourselves to dream lucidly and one night I totally accomplished it-- I cast myself as Princess Leia in Star Wars and then made her hook up with Luke rather than Han. It was incestuous I suppose, but highly satisfying.

Sex Marmot: Grody! Would anyone ever use that technique for anything besides porno dreams? Science is working for porno dreamzzz?

Beastdawg: Doesn't it seem like science has been working exclusively on sex lately? Like there were all those men like hot women studies earlier....UM HELLOEEEZ IZ DER A CURE FOR CANCEER YETZ?!!! Also if you could lucid dream anything what would it be?

Sex Marmot: Um? I don’t know. Probably an X-Men adventure! You’re such a reporter! So LOL-cute.

Beastdawg: You're such an adolescent boy's wet dream. Now to further my investigation I must to find a teenage boy and ask him what he would lucid dream about--I BET he'll say "a girl who lucidly dreams about X-men."

Sex Marmot: When I was 11 I had an accidental semi-lucid dream where I was Rogue from the X-Men and I was flying around and I was so happy, and then I woke up and actually started crying. Real trauma. I guess I would be trying to correct that.

Beastdawg: Okay, I think we just got too intimate. Our friendship is over. I'll see you in your lucid dreams in which you try to be friends with me again.

Sex Marmot: Oh, fuck you.

Beastdawg: just kidding, that totes touched my gay heart.

Sex Marmot: Also, if I tried to re-friend you in my sleep, it wouldn’t be in lucid dreams, it would be on the astral plane DUH.


Simone said...

god, that is so obvs you and gabbay. you fags.

also, there is a neighborhood here called "observatory" but it's shortened to "obsv" which is almost like "obvs" so i always think of you while i'm there.


Perfect Ratio said...

Duhzzzz, they're our PUA aliases. Maybs if you were back in NY watching The Pick Up Artist with us you would know this.... gawd i miss you so much!

Simone said...

we can always meet on the astral plane.