Monday, September 10, 2007

Lauren to Charles

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1:00 pm (12 minutes ago)

So I had this series of horrible dreams last night!

One of them involved our family becoming the stars of a reality show (I think this topic came up in my subconscious because the new season of Curb started last night and that Larry David guy reminds me of you). So in the episode you accidently killed Annie with a lawnmower but put her puppy soul into a smallish Golden Retriever. I found this out because the Annie-souled Golden Retriever could talk and told me the whole story. I was mad at you for a bit, because you tried to fool us all, but then you did this magic trick where your shoelace turned into a butterfly and I laughed and forgave you.

So weird, right?

What do you think this means?

Charles to me

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1:12 pm (0 minutes ago)

maybe your allergic to glasses? love dad

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