Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gawd, I haven't listened to music with like, harmony, since it became uncool to do so-- sometime around 1999 when I took one last look at my 15 disc collection of Indigo Girl albums before I gingerly stacked them in a shoebox and slid them under my bed convincing myself "It will be okay Lauren, you're starting college now, you had to do this. You had to do this." But then I saw ONCE last night, and the love story, the characters, the music-- well it just made me all gay in the heart. I came home and immediately downloaded the entire soundtrack. It's really beautiful. Here's a video of the two main stars performing the major song of the movie--though I don't know where they're playing or if they're actually a real life band now. Of course researching this would make for a more enlightened post, but I'm busy with vigorous emotional masturbation to thoughts of that sweet Irish lad.

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liz said...

I'm so glad I'm not cool; harmony (the musical thing, not the vamp from Buffy) is the best. Actually, this explains a lot about my taste in music. I thought Once was supercute but didn't fall hard for it the way a lot of people seem to have done.