Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dogs, and their Sisyphusic Rock

Throw away your germy toilet copy of Gilgamesh-- your canine will, perhaps even intentionally (do you really know what he's thinking?), teach you all you need to know about the contradiction that is human existence. A dog in costume, more than any other animal, provides a window into the excruciating burden and delightful lightness of human living (Thanks, Kundera.) Forced into a garment made of itchy synthetic fibers, they troll around uncomfortably with bodies constricted, betraying their mind's instruction-- sadly emulating the humans they so dearly desire to be. Yet it is just a tragic mockery. Their doggy eyes scream "Why are you doing this to me Daddy? Why?", but at the same time one can spot a glint of resignation in those watery pupils. Their desire for love is utmost, so they settle themselves into their fate as a jester for your amusement-- "Yes, Daddy, for you. I will do this for you. So you love me more."

I only ask when you look at this comedic parade of humiliated canines below, you inwardly acknowledge their ultimate sacrifice.

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