Monday, October 8, 2007

Feminism gets a bad name from stupid articles like this

Rena Corey writes in the Washington Post:

Each time I feel a sense of satisfaction at how my Magic Eraser is removing the smudges from my white kitchen cabinets, whenever I smile to see all the dirt and dust clinging to my Swiffer, I realize I am a traitor to the cause. Betty Friedan must turn over in her grave, I think, to see me derive gratification from such menial (and unpaid) labor.

Lady, no feminist cares if you enjoy cleaning the floors or picking your nose. It's oversimplified articles like this that make one a traitor to the cause. Ew, what a gross phrase, by the way. As Marmsies says, this is like an Esquire article that's like "I'm a girl, but I like boys and sex-- Sorry Feminism!"

Who is paying these people?

Unrelatedly, this is AMAZE--


Axel Foley said...

I don't know, I think she's got a pretty good point. Maybe you should try cleaning more--it's fun, and it might make you less uppity.

Perfect Ratio said...

Um, she says that MEN don't like to clean-- what you think bout that Ben? Huh? Huh?

Axel Foley said...

I love to clean! My apartment is spotless. You're welcome to check it out over a game of authentic Scrabble (does anybody play that anymore?) in which I will destroy you.

Perfect Ratio said...

I'm fully convinced clean men are sociopathic serial killers a la American Psycho. Ah!