Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How many posts can Ryan Gosling appear in during the course of a week?

Marmsies: They fired Ryan Gosling for getting fat.

PR: Just the neg he needed to go out with me!

Marmsies: It’s just like that old Minneapolis folk saying, “Tell Ryan Gosling he’s fat if you want him to go out with you.”

PR: Yes yes, I love that one. My grandpa also used to sing us this age-old Yiddish nursery rhyme right after we recited the Shma' before bed:

"To get Ryan Gosling to go out with you (with you! with you!)/
This is what you must do (must do! must do!)
Roll yourself in latex wax/ Clean your hole with AJAX/
Pretend you are a Real doll (a doll! a doll!)/
and he will be at your beck and call."

Marmsies: Oh my god I am DYING over here!!!!!!
You should probs blog that.

PR: I promised myself I would stop blogging emails, but what's one more time?

And as long as I broke my new rule, I need to post Liz's no-explanation-needed hilarious commentary on Tell Jew You Love Pee: "I'm kind of over watching jane alexander suck a dick, frankly."


Axel Foley said...

I just realized it should be "Tell Me Jew Love Pee," or perhaps "Tell Pee Jew Love Pee." Sorry to have to clarify, but I wouldn't have been able to fall asleep.

Perfect Ratio said...

Even Shakespeare was wrong sometimes, Ben.

Axel Foley said...

True. I mean, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona?" Did anyone see that piece of trash?

M said...

ryan gosling totally falls under the "i am sick of looking at this bitch" category. also, unless he is making "heavenly creatures 2", there's no point in artysing yourself up for a peter jackson movie.