Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Again, NYT's Photo, Again, So Much Going On

McCain is running for President. McCain is not going to make it past the 1 mile marker. Regardless of this not-so-exciting breaking news, why does every single person in this photo, and I MEAN every single person, look like they're coming from just being Botox-ed? McCain's wife looks like an orange, an orange who can't move its eyebrows. Everyone looks totally stretched, and not in a calm, centered yogi way. McCain and that dude in the tan jacket are also making the exact same I-can't-move-my-mouth-fully facial expression which is pretty damn eery.
I usually don't care for factitious Botox accusations in my daily breakfast of poopy political Hodge Podge (ew), but they did it to Hilary, they did it to Kerry, so I figure they asked for it.

Bonus fact: 58 percent of Americans say they would be unlikely to vote for a 72 year old!*

Bonus Bonus fact: A bunch young, nubile, sexy things are getting the 'tox! Perfect Ratio is getting old! She's going to be 25 soon. Should she get the 'tox? Or should she resign herself to her old, saggy, wrinkly quarter life appearance and call herself "Vastly Imperfect Ratio", or "Two Wrinkle Ratio", or even the more ribald "Waiting For Breasts to Drop to Grandma's Breast Ratio"? Important decisions she'll think about while relishing the ability of her eyebrows to move into "thinking expression."

*Harper's May 2007

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