Friday, April 27, 2007

This might officially get the title of Best/Funniest/Most Tragic News Story Ever.

In North Korea, rabbits are a delicacy. Giant Rabbits, as one may deduce then, are a super delicacy. So Kim Jong-il orders 12 giant rabbits from a German breeder (of course it would be a German idea to breed giant fucking rabbits) under the guise of establishing a breeding program in North Korea and feeding rabbits to his starving population. Jong-il acquires said bunnies and begins feeding them two pounds of food a day, twice as much as the government distributes to starving citizens. THEN Jong-il has a birthday party and cooks all 12 giant rabbits as part of his birthday feast, leaving none to procreate. Perhaps the best part of this new development is that the Times story is entitled "Kim Jong-il Ate My Rabbits For His Birthday."

I really wanted AccordionConnection's take on this, but unfortunately they require video material and there is no film documentation to be found of the rabbit-gorging birthday party. So to cheat I drew Gaby a rendition of how I imagined the birthday feast, and she'll pretend it's a video and blog about it.

Thanks to Liz for forwarding such a life-altering story!

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