Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Week in Moments

1.) My Mom blurting out that Sedentary Lifestyle would be a good name for a band, with the specification that all members were balding, chubby males.

2.)Having my gyno insinuate that somehow my vagina is not "New York-ish"

3.)Fully convincing my grandma that I wrote, produced, and starred in a one woman show called "Classico Chicken" off-Broadway that involves a hen who falls in love with a young farm boy, and at the end, departs into space in a chicken-created space shuttle wearing a diaper.

4.)Stepping on the scale and realizing I lost ten pounds since I last weighed myself, probably all from fasting for the Cheesecake Factory this week, and knowing that I'm going to gain it all back tonight!

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