Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Apparently you have to buy a vag?: "I'd like to buy a vag, Pat"

PR:Um so, after some very sexualized conversation, I just let some SL dude on the SL beach start to undress me and let me tell you we were both pretty dismayed to discover I didn't have a "working" vagina. Also I am having blatant online sex at Gorilla Coffee (in the name of research!)


Liz: that is incredibly amazing/disturbing.

PR: I mean there's a shadow, but you have to buy like a designer vag. I just found one that advertised "tightness". You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Six bucks on a tight vagina that no one will actually physically feel?! This world is Andrea Dworkin's nightmare!!

Mere: So are you going to do it? At least you're getting a lot of material for your piece?

PR: I think I kind of have to refuse spending money on a vagina online. I think the material is going to be the fact that this is basically a crazy hegemonic male porn dream. It's so hard to find a vagina with more pubic hair than a tween vag. Sadly, after being on it all morning I was like, "I need to take a break--oh, maybe I'll go get a bikini wax" then realized that I was unconsciously internalizing SL pornographic standards!

Liz: also i'd like to see the subject line rewritten as a wheel of fortune reference.

PR: ahahahhaha like "I'd like to buy a vag, Pat"

Liz: precisely. and then maybe vanna comes out with the vag puppet from tyra?!


liz said...

But...wait, the pubes are sold separately?

Perfect Ratio said...

Um yes? unless you buy the combo meal at KFC, those come with free pubes.