Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"How Do We Beat the Bitch?"

Nothing like answering a totally Hilsogynist remark with laughter and "That's an excellent question" to win over the hearts and minds of the ladies. I don't like Hillary, but if it comes down to it, I hope she bakes your potato face and eats it for her inauguration dinner.

Also, I kind of love the old grandpa character in the background who clutches the backdrop like he's going to fall over when the questionably-colored woman utters the "Bitch" line. I mean clearly I've watched this video too many times. It's just so satisfying glimpsing the horrible old-timey misogyny that proves everything I ever thought about behind-the-scenes Republicanism. I mean I'm sure a video of my apartment on any given night with the three of us watching The Hills in skivvies, using "fucking" as an adjective in front of every noun ("Give me a bite of your fucking Milky Way") , and making casual abortion jokes would be a Republican wet dream, but we're NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO LET IT BE CAUGHT ON CAMERA, only stupid enough to post it on a not very well-read blog.


monkey said...
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Axel Foley said...

I still want to know how we beat the bitch. The question was never answered.

Perfect Ratio said...

I know, that's odd, huh.

I would say the winning strategy is encoded somewhere in the Heart Shaped Glasses music video.

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