Saturday, November 10, 2007

Choice Advice from the Lady Mags: Mama's Got to Get Her Drink On!

: December 2007 issue of Marie Claire

: Navigate the Bar Like a Pro (i.e. an "etiquette" guide to bars)

Choice Advice: If you can't taste any rum in your Bacardi and coke, it's OK to ask the bartender, nicely, to add a little more liquor to your drink. "Be playful. Say you had a bad day or 'Mama's got to get her drink on!'" advises Kosmas.

Really, I'd like to do an article where I actually followed every piece of advice in these mags just for one day. I have a feeling I'd probably wake up drunk in a barn in Kentucky, putting lip liner on my nipples, cow poop on my fine lines, and offering a farmhand a reduced fat cottage cheese blow job or something.


liz said...

If you did do that, it would basically be the best thing ever. Pitch! That could be a BOOK.

M said...

i agree, pitch.

also, that is the most humiliating suggestion ever.