Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Not There: There, in Concert!

Meredith is the greatest! She scored free tickets to go see the I'm Not There concert at the Beacon theater tonight, so I canceled my plans to stay home and be sick to go see old people cover Bob Dylan songs.

The Beacon is an institution of class. Bright, blinky spotlights out front, gilded gold lions decorating the interior theater-- it's totally gorgeous and screams "This is NY baby!" which is a good atmosphere to be in on those days you've been in Brooklyn too long.

The only thing that brought the experience down a notch in decorum was Heath Ledger snapping his gum into the mike. Spit out ur gum before u announce boy.

The best thing about being surrounded by 60 year old men who resemble your father had he undergone a hippie-themed midlife crisis wherein he quit his job, practiced sick licks along with a "Teach Yourself the Sick Licks of the '60s" VHS tape, and roasted 8-flavor chicken for dinner every night, is that it makes you appreciate the beauty of your youth. No I do not know the name of this obscure Dylan song that someone in a badly tailored suit is covering. You know why? Because I'm 25! Boooo-yah!

Not that I don't like Bob Dylan. I do. He's from Minnsies. Apparently the lyrics for All Along the Watchtower are scratched into a wall on the top of some U of M campus tower. The combined name-dropping power of Dylan and Berryman is a great asset to our fine state school looking to recruit angsty males from the East Coast.

No one covered my favorite Bob Dylan song "Tangled Up in Blue". Tragic, as the lyric "We always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different point of view" is so true it's like LOLWHOOOOOOA.

I had heard of but never actually heard My Morning Jacket before this concert. Their performance of "Goin' to Acapulco" tonight was AMAZE though so I made a mental note to check into that emo motel when I got home. Verdict: they're pretty awesome. However, my first fan letter is going to include some alternate band name suggestions. My Morning Boner would even be better.

Mason Jennings is Bob Dylan reincarnated.

I was SUPER DISAPPOINTED that my favorite statutory duo who make me feel all romantic in the vagina did not show up! I guess when sex becomes legal it is so exciting it consumes all other social comittments.

, I hope, will tell you more about the crazy stoned hippies, and the man in black leggings and ballet slippers like a flat-chested Amy Winehouse.


Rob said...

do you know who opened for my morning jacket for like a month last year? elvis perkins in dearland. wooo!

i saw radiohead at the beacon. you are way right on about how sweet it is.

Perfect Ratio said...

That line up sounds like a dreamzzzzzz