Thursday, November 29, 2007

wuv woo drew

"Eathy, breethy, beauthiful..."


liz said...

OMG. I think you may subconsciously be doing your drew all the time, because there's this way in which you move your mouth that was totes reminding me of someone last time i saw you, and NOW I KNOW WHO.

Perfect Ratio said...

My Dad actually sat me down for a conversation about my speech over Thanksgiving (he hates "like", abbrevs, and the way I talk out of the side of my mouth like Drew)

Dad: It's unfortunate because you're NOT stupid, but you sound stupid, and first impressions count.

Me: For sers, my speech is like my secret weapsies-- they never see the smarts coming! Their assumptions are my power Dadsies!

Dad: I really only understood a small fraction of what you just said.

M said...

drew is starting to look really boring. why does she have jennifer aniston's hair? where have her daisies and baby bangs gone?

Perfect Ratio said...

I know! it super sadsies. and there's something weird and uncomfortable about watching her same bubbly personality now coming out of a someone who looks so standard Hollywood.

The Guv'ner said...

Hello! I'm a stalking lurker. Hope you don't mind.

I love Drew too. She used to be all "I'm big-faced with a Leno chin and I rock it and I wear thrift clothing a hobo would like but on me it looks stylish and kewl and I don't give two shits about what anyone thinks, I will
hack off all my hair and bleach it three different color of blonde all at once and wear whore red lipstick and boxing gloves because I AM FABULOUS!" And now she's gotten all grown up and stuff. You can be all grown up and STILL have the funk, Drew! Honest!